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Painting is very special to me. I love what I do. I feel privileged I can produce a piece of artwork that others treasure so much.

After so many hours of deep concentration on that very special personality of the dog I am painting it even can become a bit difficult for me to part with my portraits; This is one of the reasons I love to look in the clients face when they receive the portrait! Also to read about their thoughts und feelings after they saw their portrait in real for the first time is a wonderful feedback.


Snippets of customers happy reactions on the paintings:

Owner of Dachshound Biene (Title)

“1000 thanks for this wonderful painting of my little Biene. All my friends fell in love with her from the second I began to open the parcel. I have to tell you at once that I am overjoyed and cannot stop looking on my little whirlwind.”

Mastino Rosi and Dachshound Hugos owner:

“The best present I can imagine! I am almost speechless. I can't believe the likeness and how you have captured their characters in the pictures. Rosi seems to be looking straight at me and her loving eyes follow me through the whole room. Hugos painting is as different as he is in true life - his individuality, his happy and goofy smile, this special expression, absolutely stunning! You are gifted!”

Owner of Doberman:

“Perfect!!!!! It looks just like him. This is just as I had hoped. I want to thank you again, my sister war deeply impressed.”

Trisha McConnell (author of The other End of the Leash/ For the Love of a Dog):

“I was able to see the picture on your next email and it is absolutely beautiful. And yes yes, you are so thoughtful to let me know before I see it at the seminar. I would melt into a puddle if I saw it by surprise! I can't wait to see the painting in real life, I'm sure it is just gorgeous. Doing it from just a few photos... what an amazing job you did! I've shown the photo of your painting all over already, everyone can't wait to see the original!”
“The painting of Luke is so beautiful, you are so sweet to do it for me. You should be very proud of it. I am looking at the portrait of Luke right now.. it is so lovely! warm hugs to you. Trisha”

Owner of Floh:

“We love Flohs beautifull painting more than can be told. Absolutely spectacular!!!!! We have the picture on the wall in pride of place in our living room. We cannot stop looking at him and each time we see finer and finer details that express the essence of this dog. It is Floh and only Floh! Life-like and brilliant, it could not be one of our other Rattlers! Even the neighbours identified him immediately and they are no dog people - just love him.”

Bounty and Kajas owner:

“The pictures were hanging on the wall within seconds after you left. They were admired by all visitors of the birthday party, four of my friends and neighbours said they want a painting of their own pet, too. Bounty is brilliant, you caught her personality, her dynamic expression to the very point. It certainly was pretty difficult to capture the essence of them both. They are so different. I am overjoyed with both paintings.”

Owner of Quirin:

“Thank you for this truly wonderfull portrait of Quirin, reminding me of all the wonderfull years we had together.”

Happy Hours owner :

“Now the painting has arrived. It is lovely, really so much like her. You are fantastic it really feels like she is for real when you look at the painting. I want to thank you so much for the painting. I love it.”

Papillon owners:

“Thank you so much for the two beautiful pictures you painted of our beloved Papillon Multichampion Emmeraud, especially the portrait - absolutely fantastic. I am so pleased with it.”


“Mios painting is wonderful and was the talk of the evening amongst us. It is just as if he jumped alive trough the tire. Hard to imagine you did this from a video sequence.”